About Us

Medical cosmetic skincare developed by dermatologists

The skin is the body’s contact with the outside world. It is the largest organ of the human body, has a complex structure and is responsible for numerous functions. It is also subject to an increasing number of stressful environmental factors and thus requires special care and attention.

Products by D´ORODERM cosmetics are developed, assembled and tested in cooperation with dermatologists. (Image: five-star guarantee) These products are developed based on years of clinical and practical experience with diseased, damaged and sensitive skin. The use of high-quality ingredients guarantees that they will be well tolerated by all skin types.

D´ORODERM exclusively uses materials chosen for their hypoallergenic properties because these minimize the possibility of sensitivity or toxic or phototoxic reactions. The company also uses as few preservatives as possible. If your skin cannot tolerate a particular product because of a particular skin condition, we would like to know about it – this information is very important to us and will help us in future product development.

The DERMATEST quality promise.
All D´ORODERM products have been tested by DERMATEST to see how effective and efficient they are. All products have been awarded the five-star seal siegel de in recognition of their high quality.