Medical Skin Care

The medical and cosmetic skin care by dermatologists
The skin is the organ of border of the organism to the environment. It is the largest human organ, from complex design and carrier of numerous functions. Increasingly, it is exposed to environmental stressors and requires special attention and care. The products of D'ORODERM cosmetics were co-developed by dermatologists, compiled and tested. In developing these products years of experience from clinics and practices in dealing with one sick, stressed and sensitive skin were incorporated. The use of hight-value ingredients ensures a high standard of good compatibility.

D'ORODERM only uses ingredients which, on allergy point of view, eliminate sensitizing, toxic or phototoxic reactions. To the use of preservatives has been largely omitted. If you still can not tolerate a product because of the individual nature of your skin, this information is very important to us and is used to further product development.
The promise of quality of DERMATEST.